Weir Housing ®, Weir Lettings and Management ® & Weir Support ® umbrella together under
Weir Group Management ®

Weir Housing ® with over 20 years’ experience within the Social Housing spectre securing contracts with our Local Authority Partners to source, provide and manage Interim Accommodation ranging from self-contained to shared accommodation.

Weir Lettings and Management ® source, provide and manage Emergency Accommodation Services on behalf of our Local Authority Partners, also acting as an agent within the Private Rented Sector to the help provide and manage properties for tenants on a lower income basis ensuring we provide a safe, secure and affordable home

Weir Support ®, a trusted Supported Accommodation Provider delivering quality support and housing services to help gain the life skills needed building towards stronger independent living


We are passionate about the service we deliver; our aim and mission are to expand our services to other Local Authorities and Government Agencies that have specific housing needs and to set up new schemes and initiatives to achieve government targets to help save cost. We want to develop new thinking, build trust, open opportunities and be able to work with people to make choices and achieve goals.

We work in diverse communities and understand that our customers want what we all do: safe and secure communities, well-maintained homes that we can afford and care and support when we need it. We’re about creating opportunity and are a force for positive change.  

We are committed to provide excellence in all the services we provide, striving to deliver consistently a quality of trust. Trust is a huge factor within our organisations, we believe working together using strong communication skills with our partners, staff and clients is the key to provide a safe quality of service.

  • To achieve a sustainable growth
  • To provide an efficient, responsive, sensitive and effective service
  • Be a trusted Accommodation Provider to our Partners and Customers 
  • To ensure it is maintained at a high and safe service 

Partnership to our Weir Group means a combined and increased impact of innovation and influence to enable vulnerable people to make and achieve the right decisions through the pathways of life.

``We’re about creating opportunity and are a force for positive change.``